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Pen & Paper Test Series

eProov will supply personalised Question cum Answer Sheets (QA Sheets) section/classwise to the school for conducting the test. (Questions will be jumbled in each question paper)

eProov staff/coordinator will collect the answer sheets from the school, scan and upload them into our highly secure eProov Central Server.  Answer sheets will be evaluated by eProov certified 'evaluators' in our Centre/s using e-Marking technology.

eProov will provide comprehensive assessment reports identifying the stronger and weaker areas of the students and helping the teachers to guide the students accordingly.


1. To help the teachers to save time from question paper setting and answer sheet evaluation processes and spend the saved time on teaching/guiding the students.
2. To help the students to focus on ‘weaker’ areas for immediate remediation.
3. Monitoring of students' performance over a period of time which immensely helps them in thier exam preparation.
4. Providing qualitative analysis reports useful for teachers / management in accordance with compliance requirements prescribed by Government authorities.


1. Digitalization helps in saving huge time and making 360o analysis of student’s performance possible.
2. Monitor the strength and weakness of students in quick time.3.    Helps in better understanding of the concepts by the students which makes learning more easier and stimulating for them

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